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Naore Kitsurube, also known as Naore, DJ K-NAO or KNAO (real name Matthew Hoover ;[1] born November 12, 1986 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA),[2] is a furry fan, musician, DJ, and fursuiter who lives in Lima, Ohio.[3]


While attending Eastern Michigan University in 2006, Naore took Japanese Language and Culture as his academic major. Naore works full time as a Japanese-English interpreter and translator for an auto parts company in Ada, Ohio.

He is an avid video-gamer and enjoys a wide variety of genres, particularly Konami's Bemani series, of which he has a large collection of consumer merchandise.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Naore joined the fandom fully in 2003 by attending Anthrocon for the first time. He was, for a time, loosely affiliated with the MIFur group.


Naore's character is usually depicted as a sky-blue fox with long, blonde hair. While his original appearance was intentionally androgynous and feminine, developments on his player's tastes[clarify] have given him more masculine undertones.

Being an avid Japanophile since the age of ten, Naore took a Japanese name and origin for his character.


Naore's fursuit is a homemade partial, without his character's usual long blonde hair. This fursuit's head has headphones embedded in the foam that allows Naore to perform as a DJ while wearing it.

Convention performances[edit]


Naore writes and musically perform in Funkot, a genre of Indonesian hardcore electronic music, and while he feels his production elements are strong, he admits he does not have a good grip on mastering. He also likes to sing, and has what has been described as a "visual-kei voice".[citation needed]

Naore made his debut as a DJ at ColossalCon 2011, where he performed alongside DJ Oavatos and Oddy.

Naore coordinated a musical event called "RAVESPARK!!" with the Cavern Club Entertainment Complex in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He described it as "a con-style rave without the convention, primarily marketed toward usual convention attendees". Unfortunately, the event was considered a failure due to low attendance. There are no plans for a second Ravespark.


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