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Nanukk Luik

Nanukk Luik (real name Sean David Cameron ; born November 5, 1990), is a concept artist, fine art illustrator, writer, and musician who was born, and still resides, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


Nanukk is an illustrator and vocalist, who graduated from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2012. On the side, Nanukk enjoys the wonders of life and new places, traveling and seeing new things with friends and family. Nanukk's interests are mostly in PC and console gaming, drawing, singing and learning.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Nanukk became interested in the concept of furries around 2004, before meeting some furs that introduced him to the furry fandom towards the end of 2007.

Furmeet Host[edit]

Alongside Cat147 and Electrocat, hosted the annual South Afrifur Furmeet in 2010.


"Originally Nanukk Luik had been called Drakedraco, a fursona of a red Western Dragon" (Nanukk Luik: 2014). Around 2004, "Drakedraco" had been created for the introduction to mobile Instant Messsaging chatroom roleplay, who soon joined up into a clan that was rounded up with only werewolves and dragons. In 2005, "Drakedraco was introduced to a werewolf and soon realized his desire to be apart of the elite pack of wolves". On the first full moon of July 2005, Nanukk was born - "from dragon to wolf his transformation was complete but could never be transformed back into a wolf ever again." (Nanukk Luik: 2014)

The name Nanukk was created for his new wolf fursona and a new story arose from his name, standing 1.97 metres (6.4 feet) tall. He has a large stripe reaching around his back (stopping by his tummy), recurring by 2 other stripes along side the larger one that meet around his waist. His eyes are a green-blueish-hazel color which changes over time and in event of his real life persona.

Nanukk has long purple hair with red highlights, and he sometimes wears a bandanna or goggles to lift the hair above his eyes. He also wears feathers behind his ears as a ritual to his past life.

Nanukk is a tribal wolf, grown up as a hunter. He has a combat weapon called Embolium. Embolium is a magical sword that transforms into a bow that can launch spirit arrows with Nanukk's secret words. However Nanukk was never always a wolf, his past transformation from a draconian being to that of a werewolf with the implications of never re-transforming back into his original form.

In the early month of January 2014, Nanukk Luik had remembered his destiny many years ago. Living close to the beaches of South Africa, in 2008, "stood an otter staring into my heart and soul. The otter emerged from the sea, within shock we stood there, staring at each other" (Nanukk Luik: 2014 - the memory dwelt until Nanukk Luik realized he was to become an otter. "The connection of transformation happened, alternatively in another reality, there he stood - like a reflection from a mirror." (Nanukk Luik: 2014)

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