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Nanukk Luik

Nanukk Luik (born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa), is a concept artist, fine art illustrator, and Twitch streamer who lives in Randburg, South Africa, since 2016.


Nanukk is an illustrator who graduated from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2012. Nanukk has been working as a freelance furry illustrator since March 2013.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Nanukk became interested in the concept of furries around 2004, before meeting some furs that introduced him to the furry fandom towards the end of 2007.


Nanukk Luik's fursona is an otter.

Furmeet host[edit]

South Afrifur[edit]

Alongside Cat147 and Electrocat, Nanukk hosted the second major South Afrifur Furmeet in 2010. Which was the last major furmeet before its name was adapted into the local South African Furry Convention, South Afrifur Convention, in 2017.

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