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Nanami and his (or her) friend Michi (Mi-chan)!

Nanami-chan (ななみちゃん, aka Little Nanami) is a mascot (or "image character") created by NHK to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their satellite service, BS [BS 1, BS 2 and BS hi]. The series premiered on May 17th, 2004 on all BS Channels [BS 1, BS 2 and BS hi] and NHK used Nanami-chan for the idents for all 3 BS channels. in 2005, NHK made "Nanami-chan 30 Movie" and a 2nd season the Nanami-chan series was premiered on June 17th, 2005

The series has 12+ episodes and each episode is 5 minutes long.


Michi and her family have just moved into the Happiness House, a huge tree with all sorts of little buildings and houses built on and inside of it. Upon exploring what is to be her new bedroom, Michi finds an odd nut-like object. Before long, a strange creature, Nanami-chan, hatches out of it. The two become fast friends. Together, Michi and Nanami-chan learn all kind of new things, and everyday they meet another eccentric resident of the Happiness House.

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