Namir Deiter

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Namir Deiter is a comic created by Isabel Marks. Starting on November 29th 1999 on somewhat rocky terms, updates were (at best) seen once every few days to a week. At the time, the comic appeared to centralize around the young Tipper Namir, a white and orange tabby girl probably 14 or 15 and in high school.

The comic's world was intended as a representation of high school life. It involved Tipper, her sister, Snickers (funny how they named her after a candy bar), Blue Namir, and Joy. Their introduction to the comic was as a single massive meeting when Tipper was just told by a boy in school that she was being asked out. Since that point, the comic had evolved well beyond the high school world and gained a plethora of new characters such as Mallory, Roxanne, Twix (another character named after a candy), Falco, Gabby, Cedric, and several others.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Some plot evolutions in the story involve Twix and Snickers getting married, Joy and Blue graduating from College, Roxanne getting pregnant, Tipper graduating from High School, Falco becoming Cedric's boyfriend, and more. The world of Namir Deiter has evolved so many times and grew so dynamic that it seems to be a totally different comic than when it started. It is still very enjoyable and is a recommended read.