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Nadan is an author and artist. The oldest stories that ever made it online were from 1998. In addition to a small selection of individual short stories, Nadan was most well known for his Dual Blade Universe. He has taken down his main website and now has only an unmaintained mirror at FurNation.

By 2005, Nadan had almost stopped producing new art. His energies have been focused on his revamping of the Dual Blade universe and the founding of the now discontinued WatchingStone AnthroStory Contest. These days he spends very little time online and has dropped completely out of the 'Anthro' or 'Furry' genre.

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Written works[edit]

The most recently published of Nadan's stories was published in the online zine ANTHRO issue #10. The story was entitled "Taxed" is about an adolescent goma, or rabbit-morph, and his escape from death. The story takes place in the Dual Blade Universe. Nadan has also published other works within the Dual Blade Universe including "Chupa", "Love on the Wind", "Remember", and a piece about how Oliver met Jaide entitled "Far From Home".

Other stories[edit]

In the past Nadan has produced several works of which are no longer available online. In these he has tried to convey thoughts such as the value of kindness and love ("Hug"), the causes of terrorism and the value of life ("The Price of Purpose"), the need for familial connections ("Grandma's Do It in the Kitchen"), and more.

WatchingStone AnthroStory contest[edit]

Between the springs of 2005 and 2006, Nadan hosted a writing contest called the WatchingStone AnthroStory writing contest. This contest accepted short stories based on a theme which could be considered 'furry' or 'anthro' fiction. The themes used included butterflies, oceans/beaches, apples, and foreigners. During the course of the contest, fourteen different authors entered a total of 28 different stories. Several authors entered the contest for two or three seasons. In the end, Nadan was unable to continue to commit the time needed to maintain the contest due to family obligations. At the close of this contest, another was formed by one of the regular contributors to the WatchingStone AnthroStory contest, the Anthrofiction Network's Short Story Contest created and hosted by ScottyDM.