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Group of fursuiters at the 13th Annual OMGWTFBBQ in 2017!. Photo by FeatherDragon.
Group of fursuiters at the 2013 OMGWTFBBQ!.
Group of fursuiters at the 2012 OMGWTFBBQ!. Photo by FeatherDragon.

The OMGWTFBBQ![clarify] is a BBQ meetup originally hosted by the Nova Scotian Anthropomorphics group, which has become the largest furry gathering in Atlantic Canada. With the rapidly growing furry community in Atlantic Canada, the event is now organized by the Atlantic Furries, who are made up of furries from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador.

The BBQ takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia at York Redoubt park, which overlooks the mouth of the Halifax Harbour. It is a potluck event filled with fursuiting, art jams, dancing, and more.


Held yearly every August, since its conception in 2004 the event has welcomed furries from neighboring provinces to join in on the one day event. 2017 marked the first time the OMGWTFBBQ officially became a weekend long event, with an indoor venue one day and an outdoor BBQ event the next day. With the new indoor venue, this year also marked the event's first official Fursuit Dance Competition and live furry DJ.


2011 with 55 attendees.

2012 with 70 attendees.

2014 with "over 80" attendees

2015 with 100 attendees

2016 with 90-100 attendees

2017 with 115 attendees.

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