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Location Discord, Minecraft
Status Ongoing
First iteration April 6-7, 2019
Charity NAACP, and COVID-19 relief
Subject Furry, Online, Minecraft

NONSTOP WORLD is an online furry convention hosted on a multiplayer Minecraft server that began on April 6, 2019. Its goal is to provide a never-ending convention, since the server is online 24/7.


NONSTOP WORLD hosted its second iteration on July 18-19, 2020. The theme for this convention was "The Howlympics". This year had a larger surge of users due to the COVID-19 pandemic and popularity of online furry conventions. The world was hosted on Minecraft Java version 1.16. There was no registration fee, but attendees could optionally purchase a $5 VIP status, which contributed to NAACP, and COVID-19 relief charities; it would allow them to access special world areas. There were vendors, DJs, and an interactive art showcase held within the world.

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