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KatrinaTheLamia, also known as Catalina Payne, Full Metal Harlot or simply TheHarlot is one of the more noisy members of the sites she is a part of. Generally willing to not only tell you what her point of view is, but why exactly it is correct. Regardless of if this is the case outside her mind. She generally is known to take criticism, but only after it has been decently questioned. Katrina will often cycle between taking hiatus from a site, to returning on a high action posting.

KatrinaTheLamia has not made much for decent works herself, however, she has had a hand in giving advice and support on various other works done, include her (roleplayed) twin brother, JasonTheEchidna. She has been spending 2010 working on her materials--as part of her new years resolution.

KatrinaTheLamia is known as a Game Designer, Artist and Writer. She had been in post secondary twice. The first time, she was forced to drop out on the ill placed advice of a suspect doctor. The second time, she mostly just got irritated at how useless this programming course was. Generally noting today that a school that bills itself as "the area standard", with some accuracy, that teaches Java and Visual Basic 5 is possibly a colossal waste of time.

She has been on the internet since about 1998.


Katrina is a coral snake Lamia with black leathery wings, blonde hair and two long red horns on the top of her head. Generally having taken on various Succubus traits as she has gone along. This is just what she calls her "preferred form"--listing her correct form is mostly for those cleared to see it.


Katrina was not always a Lamia--she spend many years as DakeDesu the Confused Werewolf. That is a werewolf that generally seemed to be rather confusing to talk to, and confused herself. Generally tended to show a fair amount of bipolar type traits.

She also went as Sheol while promoting an ill fated website "Rastar Hell".


Not much. She has mostly slunk around various communities, such as GameDeveloper.Net (down), GameDev.Net, Bob and George, Kid Radd. GamerDNA and Rant Radio. She has spoke a few things, and really has not gotten much solid behind her. Lists of things she has done:

  • Got people to enjoy her writing--which is only mildly furry.
  • Gave some decent programming advice out
  • Made some mediocre, at best, artwork
  • Some small demos of programs that never reached high functionality
  • Helped start the trend to refer to graphics as 2bpp, 3bpp and 4bpp with their style noted on the Bob and George forums. After raising a big stink about the ambiguity of the terms 8bit and 16bit in terms of Pixel Art and Sprite Art.
  • Kept the KidRadd community going--if only in life support as a comatose vegetable.
Accusations of request to help her projects[edit]

Generally having been online since Toby was a puppy, she has invariably asked people to help her on projects. She generally does not bother with it though. As she has seen these generally turn into large forums with threats of "please help" in them.

Generally, of most of her current projects, and even some of her ones that are older than dirt, she generally has not asked for help, citing a statistic she read in 2002 that "90% of open source projects are written by the maintainer."

She does give out offers of web hosting, if she thinks you could use it. Typically, most people turn these down, so she only tends to ask once.

Bob and George/Art Theft Accusations[edit]

It seems that her biggest issues are from the Troll Armies that tend to appear on Bob and George's Forums. She was banned at the end of 2009, and generally reserved that she would not request her ban end. Some have continued to talk to her after this event from Bob and George, generally noting a fair amount of issues in staff and admin policy.

She lost all interest in the community when going over one of Red Chocobo's Lets Plays on Something Awful she found comments from people who were on bob and George, who remarked that the place was getting scary for them--even in comparison to the stuff The Goons came up with.

The main issue, was she kind of started questioning Maneko's policies on the site. Generally ending with the two of them unable to see eye to eye. This resulted in an incident that Katrina refers to as "The Thread". Unfortunately, this has caused Maneko to ask some of his online friends to also join in on the drama. Some that Katrina generally remarked as rather silly looking in their actions.

This ended with her being referred to as an Art Theft on that Sprite comic's forums, for suggesting an idea where she would try to put original writing, original scratched sprites and a few original places|characters, in somebody else's series without first asking permission. Because of this assertion, she was branded an Art Theft. Complications of the branding resulted in her banning from Bob and George.Com..

NIMH Labs[edit]

NIMH Labs is mostly a website of Katrina's that has largely fallen into neglect as of late.

It was named by one of her friends, Yugosaki, as joke based upon Katrina's apartment at the time. Noting that it was such a chaotic mess, that if sentient intelligence were to crawl out of anywhere, it would be her apartment.

NIMH Labs, is meant to be a location where Katrina posts her graphical works, games she has made, various programming type elements, writings, and all those other wonderful things she does. She just has yet to find a back end that she particularly enjoys using for the site. Having gone through MediaWiki, Wordpress, Zepto and ModX--without much satisfaction on any of those. Currently working on a back end known as Rosebush for this. Other projects of NIMH Labs are expanded on below

Lamia Browser[edit]

Lamia Browser started off as Katrina looking into the code bases of Links, Elinks, Links2, Lynx and Links Hacked for the purpose of adding DOM3, HTML5 and CSS3 to the code base. However Katrina found that the only part of the code base of Lynx she really cared about was the console and frame buffer output code (which likely will change).

Katrina having issues thinking of a super cat type name for it simply applied her own species to the product. It currently is in the Alpha stage, with Katrina posting updates to it on github sporadically.

Elissa's House of Burlesque[edit]

Elissa's House of Burlesque was a website that created after Katrina got confused by her hosting's ToS. Elissa's House was a site set up by the hosts of the Futanari Palace, to host the artwork that Katrina drew. They were generally very crude and poorly drawn. Included both pornographical works she did and clean stuff. Include various pictures that included anthropomorphic animals, robot guro and bestiality in the porn section. The clean section had mostly anthropomorphic animals and characters from various works she was playing with.

She did them mostly for the lulz involved in doing them. As she does not understand why drawing something fucked implies getting off on anything in the picture. She generally regards the follow as challenges: Rules 34 (there is porn of it), 35 (if not, it will be made), 37 (if you post it, somebody will get off on it), 46 (there is yiff of it) and 63 (canonical gender means nothing. Particularly the challenge on Rule 37.

Therian Status[edit]

Katrina generally regards her mental state, most of the time as Lamia. Generally noting that she can S-shift into other forms (usually an Eris Spider Drider, Dayglo Purple Goo Girl, Bee Girl, Nine Tailed Kitsune and a few other states)... however she notes in doing so, it has a nasty side effect of having herself M-Shift into that state as well. Usually with mixed results, that switch between lusting after whatever is closest (the Goo Girl), or just hunting for "food" (the Dryder).

Katrina has always known she is a fur of some sort. Not really understanding what it is like to not be a furry in her mind. Not really needing to outwardly express this furriness all that often. Just having it exude from her, regardless of her day to day life.


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