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N is also the former LiveJournal name for Arcturus.

n, also known as SataN, Satan Cat, Rude Satan, and Thenameisn (born Nicole), is a female furry artist who lives in Berkeley, California, USA. She prefers that the name "n" not be capitalized. Due to matters of privacy, she does not divulge vital statistics.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She is the artist responsible for creating the character Nitrogen the Cat (known by its creator as the personification of the color pink). For some time in 2003, n went under the identity of that character. n becomes annoyed when confused with the character, who is not meant to personify n in any way.

Her artwork frequently appears for sale on FurBid and at the artshows of conventions such as Anthrocon and Further Confusion. In Further Confusion 2007, n and Fel contributed together to form three portfolios that were on sale exclusively for that convention.

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