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Mystifur / Verall
Harly Kin
Mysticoon. Picture taken 2006 at Eurofurence.
Mystifluff. Picture taken 2003 at Mephit Mini Con.

Mystifur is fursuiter and fursuit maker from Hamburg, Germany,
director of Eurofurence fursuit department and public affairs, and
owner of Mystic-Creatures, first fursuit studio to offer entirely 3D printed heads.

Mystifur joined the furry fandom in the year 2000. He owns several fursuits, among them Verall (Species: King Cheetah) and Harly Kin (Species: Jester Fennec Fox)

About the person:[edit]

  • Date of birth: August 20th, 1975
  • Raised in his parents ice cream parlor, he grew up to be a gelato maker.
  • Later drafted by the military, he followed a career in the Airforce for some years.
  • Studied computer engineering at the technical university of Hamburg.

Conventions attended[edit]


He is involved in several departments as a senior staff member (see blow), most notably, director of the fursuit team and host of "Stage-Fever", the currently discontinued fursuit show.

Staff involvement[edit]

Programming involvement[edit]

  • Eurofurence 11 New attendee welcome panel
  • Eurofurence 12 Started the EF custom to hold fursuit parades outdoors and in public. (Nuremberg Castle)
  • Eurofurence 13 "Stage-Fever 1" , Host & director, (formerly "fursuit show/contest")
  • Eurofurence 14 "Stage-Fever 2"
  • Eurofurence 15 "Stage Fever 3" , (as Kalif Al Jucaneet, story written by Shay)
  • Eurofurence 16 "Stage Fever 4"
  • Eurofurence 19 Impromptu Fursuit Disco at the local mall --- fursuit excursion to the zoo --- Fursuit Downtown Parade (Each with several hundred participating suiters)

Fandom/Fursuit Achievements[edit]

  • In 2006 Mystifur started the Eurofurence tradition to lead the fursuit parade out of the con site and into the local vicinity, culminating in a suit-walk like parade through entire downtown Magdeburg in 2013, with an estimated crowd of 6000 spectators, coming from all over europe just to see the parade.
  • Leaning strongly towards the costume side of the fandom, he kept working on improving fursuit support at various events. The Eurofurence Fursuit Lounge today is more than 1000 m² (11,000sqft), featuring a wide array of coolers and low-noise blowers, several racks of powered body-, head- and pawdryers, chill-out area, a 'round the clock supply of free fursuit friendly drinks and snacks. Arguably being one of the reasons for Eurofurence to achieve a fursuiter/attendee quota of almost 50%

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Provided fursuit heads for a fashion magazin in 2013. Result: Several of the non-furry people involved decided they now needed their own fursuits.
  • Considers himself somewhat boring, because he prefers to stay sober at parties.
  • Seems to have portable black hole in his car. The pile of luggage to go into the car is regularly bigger than the car itself

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