Mystic Stables

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Mystic Stables is an equine-themed location in Tapestries. It was owned by Miakoda/Rapidash until Florenco took it over in late 2003. The currency there is Silver Horseshoes. Unique to this location is a variant of Wixxx called "BarnWi" which contains over a hundred flags (plus customizable flags).

The stables is a unique place that encourages both equine and farm like role play. It has several features to entertain and delight including an endless box o' stuff to pull from, truth or dare settings, auctions, rumor settings and a breeding paddock attached to a voyeur stall where shows can be watched.

It's currently owned by Prometheus and is a lively place full of entertaining story lines and a large pool of regulars that show up and keep it hopping. While mostly a friendly place, they also strive for the all important 'herd' mentality of equines making for a strong core group of friends and family. Many are welcome to apply and become a part of this group and encouraged to participate in such events such as Auctions, The Feast of Epona, group shows or riding lessons.

The stables are accessible by teleporting: t mystic.

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