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MyristicaMUCK is a 1940s futuristic type MUCK on a ProtoMUCK system. It was founded by Snap and Arnebeth. A fatal server crash in 2009 brought the muck down. In 2011 the MUCK was brought back by Snap. The name for Myristica is derived from the Nutmeg Seed, but mainly from the Mace properties of the plant.[citation needed]


Myristica takes place in the 1940's and is home to all types of beings. Art deco, noir, and diesel punk abound in this world as well as the idea of how the future would be during the time if propelled by alien technology, but made real. Unlike how the muck was originally anything goes, the new incarnation is PG-13.

Background Story[edit]

In 1937, Amelia Earhart attempted to circumnavigate the globe. On her last attempt she found herself victim to the effects Dragon's Triangle. However, she did not disappear, but rather two months later surprisingly found herself heading south towards Miami, Florida with no recollection of those two months. A year later early in the year, Earhart is contracted by the American Government to partake on a solo flight, into space. The world becomes alive with this news and speculation follows as to her disappearance the year before and the sudden increase in space flight technology. Despite the buzz, in June 1938, Amelia Earhart successfully departs from the Earth at an undisclosed location, early in the morning. About three hours in to Amelia Earhart's space flight, she sets out to run her craft through maneuvers. Reportedly, after an especially spectacularly amazing maneuver, the startled Amelia is approached by another space craft, of almost similar design as her own. The pilot of this other craft visually signals for her to follow. The story goes that after a few minutes of following the strange craft and catching up to its speed, a strange light opened before the ship and the two crafts entered. The Earth lost visual and radio contact with Amelia Earhart for ten minutes before a similar light opened and the two crafts returned to Earth.

After nearly ten hours, the other space craft leaves the Earth. The world exploded with questions and more speculation, but answers were soon given a week later when a public statement from the President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The statement tells that during Amelia Earhart's flight into space, she made first contact with an otherworldly person. This person guided Miss Earheart to a planet far away and returned after establishing friendly relations.

Between late 1938 and early 1940, more and more contact is made with various beings belonging to a union of planets. Chosen representatives from Earth and other planets taking part in an exchange of sorts, living amongst each other, sharing knowledge, science, medicine, history, discoveries, and ideas. A small, modern city with a diverse ecosystem surrounding it has been chosen by most of the new inhabitants to live and spend their time on Earth with friends and family by the name of Myristica.


Original setting[edit]

The city of Myristica takes place in the style of Earth's 1940s era, though with vast technological improvements. From the main planet, Kemo, one can buy a ship and fly to various other user made planets, mine asteroids, buy/sell/trade goods, or take a holiday. Ships and craft one can buy range from the size of a motorcycle, all the way to a ship the size of a planet destroyer.

MyristicaMUCK had a website at and a LiveJournal community at

Wizards and HelpStaff of 2002 - 2009[edit]

Past staff[edit]