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Myojo, also known as Readthewind, Read The Wind, or Read-The-Wind, and previously known as Charchar, is an artist, fursuit maker, and fursuiter. Myojo is native to San Diego, California, but attends school in Santa Barbara.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Myojo is the original founder of the San Diego based Sandy Paws beach meets.[citation needed] Both meets[clarify] were a huge success, and have become a tradition now for the San Diego Furries community.

She is known for her efforts to unite furs in the Santa Barbara area after the Santa Barbara/Ventura group disbanded.[citation needed]


Myojo's fursona's name is Myojo Chiashi (roughly translated to morning/bright star and little paw). Her species is a Gray wolf, more specifically a Hudson Bay wolf, a sub-species of Gray wolf.

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