My Little Pony MUSH

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My Little Pony MUSH was a roleplaying MUSH based on the original 1980s My Little Pony toy line, with a focus on original characters. It opened in April of 2004, and disappeared a month later, but was restored in April of 2005. Between idle wizards and lack of connecting players, it was not a very active place, and closed early in September.

  • MUSH server:, port 2345
  • Ran from/to: April 2004; April 2005 - September 2005



  • Finders Keepers - Female Baby Pegasus
  • Inky - Male Earth Pony
  • Martini - Male Pegasus
  • Merlot - Male Big Brother Pony
  • Nightstripe - Male Unicorn
  • Odyssey - Female Earth Pony
  • SilverLeaf - Male Unicorn
  • Snap Dragon - Female Summer Wing
  • Shadow Symphony
  • Tequila Sunrise - Male Earth Pony
  • Tiger Lily - Female Earth Pony
  • Tincture - Female Earth Pony


A possible reason for the lack of activity was a lack of interesting storylines, as shown by a player's remarks about the MUSH: "...I wanted to find out what kind of stories could be told in a world with no villains, no politics, and no sex - apparently, none."