My Little Pony: End of the Dream

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My Little Pony: End of the Dream is a forum-based, "play by post" roleplaying continuum based on My Little Pony. The dominant species in Ponyland is the Pony, as might be expected, and the game incorporates all three toy generations. There are also other animals, peculiar hybrids, dragons, and undead creatures.

Unlike the conventional My Little Pony, the ponies, dragons, and other creatures of My Little Pony: End of the Dream are dark colored and live equally dark lives. Rape, murder, kidnapping, and plots to overthrow the monarchy are commonplace.

Members of My Little Pony: End of the Dream can help develop the world, and they can create their own characters or adopt NPCs.


When the ponies' friend Megan dies, her sister Molly falls into a deep depression and later into a troubled teenage and adult years. In My Little Pony: End of the Dream, each person is connected to the ponies through the dream realm. The ponies created in Molly's dreams and subconscious are born dark colored and reflect her darker nature. These are the descendants of Megan's "ponies of light", and are known as the "ponies of darkness".

Originally, the game included only the ponies of darkness living in Ponyland's mainland. Throughout the years, though, End of the Dream has evolved and expanded, adding new lands and species. The ponies of darkness, originally only land-ponies living in the mainland, include now sea ponies too. The G2s and G3s have also been developed and have their own lands and areas, and were created by close people related to Megan who, like Molly, got to know of Ponyland and its magical inhabitants and subconsciously created new ponies reflecting their own nature.

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