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MyFur Network
MyFur NewLogo.png
Author(s) Founder and Owner:
Site Admins/Moderators
Kai Zane, Quote
Status In redevelopment
Launch date Mid-to-late 2009, re-opened August 31, 2010
End date April 2013
Genre Social network service
Web 14

MyFur Network was a furry social networking community, more commonly referred to as MyFur. MyFur Network was a FurryUnited website.


MyFur Network was a project built from the roots of Furry United by Fuzzy. MyFur Network was built in a short time frame, ultimately lacking in many features typical of a social networking website; the site was briefly taken offline to be re-evaluated. MyFur was re-opened on August 31, 2010 as a fully functional social network.

In late April, 2013,[1] the website was taken down without too much notice. There are no updates on the community facebook or twitter page, and you need an administrator password to access the remains of what it was.

As of April 2015, Fuzzy publicly stated that the website was "closed for the moment, but not indefinitely."[2]


As a social network, the site contained features meant to engage the community in rich media and communication. MyFur Network's main features included: Instant Messaging, Chat, Photo Albums, Forums, Groups, Blogs, Events, Members Map, Videos and Music. Additional media rich features were also currently in development.[when?]


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