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Author(s) Owners:
  • Moderators lv1: Leonfox
Launch date Saturday, July 18, 2009
End date Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Genre Furry Forum
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  • 18+ age restriction is an adult furry forum site. It was founded on Saturday, July 18, 2009, by James Husky, and, as of February, 2010, has over 14,000 members. On the 17th of July, 2010, due to legal concerns, closed temporarily.

In February 2011, Muushi reopened with a clean installation of phpBB and new owners.

Contents, Sections and Features[edit] allows for media sharing and also houses an extensive social forum, catoring for text-based role playing, be it sexual or work-safe. The forum also allows for instant chat, for talking about any technical problems or information you might have, and also has an Art section, where users are free to share or talk about art, be it theirs or someone else's. That's how the Forum is developed:


  • Announcements: News, updates, forum information posted here

File listings section[edit]

  • Comics & Books: Comics, e/books, strips & related media go here...
  • Image Packs: These are where sorted images & packs from CD's will reside....
  • Site Rips: Mirrors & Site Rips can be posted here
  • Media: Videos, flash, gifs, sound files & att the rest to be posted with us...

File requests section[edit]

  • Comics & Book Requests: Haven't found the Comic/book you were looking for in the listings? Ask here...
  • Image Pack Requests: Having troubles finding that image pack from the file listings? Ask about it within...
  • Site Rip Requests: Can't find the Site Rip from the listings? Ask about it here...
  • Media Requests: Haven't found the Media you were looking for in the file listings? Ask everyone here...

General section[edit]

  • Feedback: Please give us your positive & negative feedback here...
  • Member Introductions: Introduce yourself here, show some fur...
  • Role Play: Need to let loose your furry side? Here's the place...
  • Fun Stuff: C'mon, make us laugh!
  • Art Talk: Want to talk about art? make sure its not a request, check within....
  • Technology Basement: Our hardware/software/internet/programming/designing/help - service desk section...
  • The Lounge: General Chat, off topic talks...
  • The Litter Box: Locked Topics end up here...

The M-chat[edit]

The chat feature has been recently implemented on to meet the demands of many users. Users can open It on a different window, allowing to browse through the various pages of the forum and to chat at the same time. In the M-chat there are a couple of public chat rooms you can go to, or you can easily create a private room & invite a select few you wish to talk with.

Administration and Management[edit]

All new posts are moderated by Muushi staff and further posts are usually monitored to avoid flaming, unneccesary comments, and posting of illegal links. The moderation staff also help users with any questions or problems they may have, and keep the site running smoothly by making sure that user's posts are in the right section. Scouts are standard users that help consistently to the share of contents to the site and try to fulfill the user's questions and requests related to the file listing sections. That's how the Team is composed:



Angel Fox

Moderators Lv2[2][edit]

Moderators Lv1[3][edit]

  • DoomTrout Joined: 09 Aug 2009
  • Alexis Umbra Joined: 23 Aug 2009


Forum rules and Regulation[edit] has a 18+ age restriction so the forum's browsing is totally denied to minors. Access to many areas is limited for the guests but after the registration users have free access to all sections of Muushi, besides being able to create posts and topics at will. Other informations about the forum's rules can be found here: forum rules

Linking to copyrighted work[edit] and its members - including the site owner at times[5] - share and distribute links to several copyrighted works from various sources, including paysites, books and digital downloads. The site has various forum sections used by members to provide links to material, and equivalent "Request" forum sections, where works can be requested.[6][7]

Muushi does not have a public Do Not Post list and does not provide a designated agent for DMCA requests. The only known e-mail is[at] from the previous incarnation of Muushi.

The site's moderators claim there is a private DNP list, that the DMCA protocol is followed, and that claims made through the Report feature or to the above email will be resolved.[8] This has been proven to be true once material has been reported, though there appears to be no indication of assertiveness or active removal of such links when they haven't been reported. Additionally the offending thread is not removed but simply moved to a "special" part of the site where few members have access.[9]


December 15th 2010, owner ship will transferred over to LeonFox of U-18chan and reopen. There will be changes made to rules of the site to avoid further legal issues. The site will be set to reopen in late December early January. -LeonFox


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