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Mutechan was a furry imageboard hosted on a server from the owner Gonz' residence in Peoria, Illinois during 2011.



While configuring the imageboard script (Wakaba), Gonz set the maximum characters per post to 20, intending to avoid the "inane bullshit" they saw on 4chan and


After suffering a DDoS attack,[when?] Gonz decided it was necessary to purchase paid web hosting, and the board software was migrated to Kusaba X. Mutechan joined the U-18Chan network after the upgrade was completed.

In retrospect, Gonz regrets the move to paid hosting and bringing what they feel was "unnecessary stoking of the ego of a manic asshole" upon themself.

"The spirit of Mutechan was to foster a place where people shut up and posted furry art. It never had a chance to actualize its vision, due to my own personal problems getting in the way of my ambition. Ultimately, the UFLC died when rapidshare was nuked from orbit, the site became pointless, and from that point on, the IRC community of queer furries I invited to #mutechan on Furnet as refugees from #faggots (another channel on Furnet that was banned when an attempt was made to register channel ownership was noticed by sysops) became an important group of furs to me. They were my first friends in the fandom. Due to my mental health issues, I later handed over control of the channel to VTessier after the site was disbanded, and became increasingly reclusive, ashamed of both my public facing behavior and actions towards members of my own channel who are my friends. The decision to leave #mutechan was ultimately for the best."

Ultimate Furry Links Collection[edit]

Mutechan was the official host of a project by other imageboard users spanning multiple communities, intended to catalog furry file sharing links. Coined "The Ultimate Furry Links Collection" and spearheaded by 9734, Gonz transcribed the project into an HTML page with 9734's permission.

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