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Mursa ArtDragon or just Mursa is a multi-media furry artist, writer and a veteran MILFur who lives in Spokane, Washington.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Mursa's interest in furries started in his childhood through cartoons with anthro-like characters long before his knowledge of the furry fandom's existence. He became a staff member of All Fur Fun in 2009.


Mursa's fursona is a female dragon that often wears a trench coat and more recently a red ribbon on her tail.


ConFurence: A short lived comic series about Mursa and two other female character (A skunk named Null and red squirrel named Maya) that was meant to highlight humorous and comedically exaggerated furry themed events at conventions. Only 9 pages were released and went on hiatus on October 15, 2012

Four Side Gaming: A group Let's Play channel run by Mursa and Tyroon Blackfire, focused on multiplayer experiences but more recently started doing solo games.

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