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The article is about the term. For the webcomic, see Murry Purry Fresh and Furry

Murry Purry, also known Murrypurry, is an all encompassing demeaning term to describe any furry situation, media, group, in a sarcastic, syrupy fashion (i.e "Oh, isn't that so murry purry, This image needs more murry purry goodness"), or just plain meanness.[1]

The content, group, or media doesn't need to be pleasant or funny in the first place to be described as such. It can be easily used to describe drama, awkward situations, or any situation where this phrase could be considered tasteless.

Dual use[edit]

As time has gone by, the term has been co-oped as a friendly substitute furry term for, in this situation, "being frisky" or "horny", or just a pleasant situation or media.[2][3][4]


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