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Cameron White ("Muramasa") is a furry "diplomat". His time on the internet is spent mostly on gaining the friendship of large online communities, mainly conflicting ones, including the Furry community and the Anonymous.

Human life[edit]

Cameron White is something of a Mutt, composed mostly of British and German backgrounds, born and raised in Brooklyn, New york, a sitarist of 4 years, and of course, a strong fan of the furry fandom.

His interests lie in intense gaming, a fan of Steam, and computer games such as Team Fortress 2 and Bioshock.

While refusing to show any of the artwork he is rumoured to make, he adores watching and critiquing the different styles and works of other artists, mainly furry art. Because of a supposed strong repulsion of humanity, he has a very biased opinion of artwork involving humans, and avoids the majority.

He also shares an interest in the Steampunk Fandom.

Furry life[edit]

Muramasa is a parasitic mustelid, a Leech Stoat(Gerudo Erminea) who's appearance is unknown due to the lack of provided artwork, but is described to look like a morphic stoat with skin that is a blend of green and brown which, from a distance, could be mistaken for flattened fur, as well as a more circular mouth of jagged teeth, to resemble that of a marsh leech, and murky brown eyes, without pupils. He is aimed to be a manifestation of his creator, while trying to be crafty and subtle, he isn't afraid to make it known what he wants from you, be it blood or words. He also has a thing for Anthropomorphic Vixens. Muramasa has a second state of mind, in which the personality of Masamune is displayed, which would be a complete contrast of the original. This is most likely a reference to the famous Japanese swordsmith Muramasa Sengo of the 16th century.

View of the Fandom[edit]

Muramasa is a full-time member of the sexual aspect of the community, displaying his strong infatuation for anthropomorphic women, and a few of his taboo fetishes, this has made keeping his anonymity difficult.


While being a furry, Muramasa has been able to maintain a stable relationship on 4Chan, his humor lies in creations, gags, and memes that are created on 4Chan, even those against Furries and other communities, he himself will take the time to mimic the same humor, with the occasional success, he believes that hate humor is just another way to laugh.

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