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Muchi (aka Rain) is a furry artist who lives in Perth, Western Australia. She became part of the furry fandom in 2002, and joined the local furry community, Perthfurs, in mid 2007. As of late 2012 she has moved away from the furry community for personal reasons.

She is in a relationship with another Perthfur named Sirukie.


Muchi's fursona is a genderless feral/quad grey cartoon owl, loosely based on the Southern White-faced Owl (or "Transformer owl"). She also has a secondary character, an anthropomorphic Scottish Fold cat named Bonnie, which she uses in images with Sirukie's cheetah fursona.


Muchi enjoys drawing. She is a clean artist who prefers cute toony characters. In addition to being an artist, Muchi is a bird-watcher and avian enthusiast, and she has a pet galah (also known as a rose-breasted cockatoo) named Araluen, which she spoils rotten.

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