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Mr Catnap's Catnab Club[edit]

Mr Catnap's Catnab Club was a tame, consensual bondage website set up in 2008 featuring original catgirl characters created by UK artist, Mr Catnap although the concept of the fictional club originally began on Deviant Art in 2006.

The site featured light-hearted stories, art and music based around a damsel-in-distress theme but is now no longer online.


Most of the characters on the website are catgirls. They include: Reeow, Catrina, Pur-Ling, Chateaux, Whiska, Kitannie, Sassyana, Neneko, Tabiza, Melody, Alleycia, Gypsy and Katzena.

The character of Mr Catnap himself is actually a dog who started the 'club' after Reeow ran into him after a gig she was performing. He chased her and they both enjoyed it and decided to take the idea further.

In 2010 two mouse characters were introduced, Brie (female) and MouseTrap (male).


The character of Reeow is the lead singer of an all cat band called The Catastrophes. In 2009 The Catastrophes released their first song "I'm Perfect For You" along with a music video. Like the stories, the song is about being a damsel-in-distress.

The Catastrophes second song "Reeow's Going Nowhere Tonight" was released in November 2010 featuring Reeow getting ready for a date but getting caught at home by Mr Catnap instead.

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