Mr. & Mrs. Beaver

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The beavers in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, whom Aslan called "he-beaver" and "she-beaver", have no proper names, but are important characters in the story nonetheless.

Mr. Beaver is basically a stereotype of an English working-class man. He is, nonetheless, very intelligent, and helps to inform the Pevensie children about the prophecy, about the White Witch, and the news that "Aslan is on the move". He likes to poke fun at his wife at every opportunity but there is no real ill-will between them.

Mrs. Beaver is a stereotype of a working-class housewife. She is anything but lazy, but she seems to have little sense in her head about practical things such as what needs to be packed when one must leave the house in a hurry. She can also give about as well as she gets when it comes to the occasional repartee with her husband.