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Micro, a fictional mouse character in Extinctioners.

Mice (singular: mouse) are small rodent omnivores that live in many situations on most of the planet's continents.

The mouse is a popular children's character, embodying many properties associated with the young: small size, mischief, vulnerability, and innocence. In many ways it is seen as the friendly cousin of the rat, despite the two often overlapping in their habits, and the rat making a more socialisable pet.

Like most rodents, mice are rapid breeders, and can build up a population very quickly if allowed to breed, which causes problems in places where they are not welcome, such as farms or houses. However, unlike with rabbits, it rarely comes into their popular characterisation.

Varieties of mice[edit]

The word mouse most often refers to the field mouse, a small, brown, wild species.

Mice that are seen indoors are normally the house mouse, a different species which often causes trouble for the homes it lives in by damaging property and leaving droppings.

Mice are also common animals for laboratory testing. The stereotypical lab mouse is depicted as having white fur.

Mice in fiction[edit]

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