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Morticia, also known as Morti Macabre (born March 27, 1991),[1] is a fursuiter, amateur taxidermist, and furry artist who lives in Amherst, New York, U.S.A.[1] She is a fan of Metalocalypse, My Little Pony, and Monster High toys, and passionately advocates for the proper care of pet rats.

Her original fursona, Demon Morticia, was variously described as a demon or a Virginia opossum/peacock/goat hybrid.[2] The Demon Morticia fursuit was constructed by Beetlecat[3] After Anthrocon 2012, Morticia offered the Beetlcat suit up for sale, and issued a redesign of her primary fursona as a black and white double-rex patchwork rat.[4]

In 2012, Morticia commissioned a fursuit of a new character: Roach, a gender-neutral brown Berkshire agouti rat with one red eye and one black eye. This suit was built by Eddie-Ka.[5]


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