Morph Parade

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Morph Parade
Morph Parade logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration November 7, 2015
Organizer(s) Morph Parade Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Morph Parade resources

Morph Parade is a "Kemono Only Event" held in Bangkok, Thailand. Similar to FurSquare, Kemoket or Furrymosa, and unlike Thaitails, it is a dealer-oriented goods fair.

Morph Parade (edit)
Morph Parade 2015
Morph Parade 2016
Morph Parade 2017
Morph Parade 2018
Morph Parade 2019
Morph Parade 2020

Morph Parade staff
Morph Parade guests of honor


  • 2015: General
  • 2016: Halloween
  • 2017: Otome
  • 2018: Furry Idol
  • 2019: Isekai


Mofu is the main mascot of Morph Parade. There are yearly supporting mascots circulating each year following to the Chinese zodiac.

  • 2015: Mir, the librarian goat. He owns a magic library that collects many Kemono dōjinshi.
  • 2016: Walker, the zombie monkey. Denying the death because of game addiction. He came back for one more turn.
  • 2017: Rico Chet, the prince rooster. Always optimistic and cheerful. This heart-broken príncipe never feel sad.
  • 2018: Lune, the furry idol dog. Like a werewolf, she has 2 personalities. One is cute and cheer up everyone. The other is cute and tear up everyone.
  • 2019: Gunther, the evil lord pig. Don't be fooled by his mean-looking appearance. He loves cats.
  • 2020: ???, the rat

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