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Morin Wolf (born August 10, 1991) also known as Blake Wolford[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Antioch, Illinois, U.S.A.[1]

He has gray wolf fursuit debuted at Midwest FurFest 2007.[2] In addition to Midwest FurFest, Morin attends Anthrocon, Further Confusion, Furry Connection North, and Acen (an anime convention in Rosemont, Illinois).

His fursona takes roll over the action game Assassins Creed. The game itself based on a fictional history of Assassins and Templar's in a invisible war since the beginning of time. As the Templar's think human needs order to live, and the Assassins fight for the right of free will and freedom of choice.

Joining the Fandom[edit]

Morin had a love for wolves since he was a kid, he would never know why but he did. Once day while on YouTube he stumbled onto a video of fursuiters from Midwest Furfest 2006 playing in the hallway, almost sparking himself to finding out that this is what he wants to do.


Morin has three fursuits that he possesses. One from a personal friend that helped him into the furry fandom, the second was one by Drakonicknight (one of her old designs), and the third was by Keeatah.

Fursona history[edit]

Morin's fursona history is when he was young his village and parents were murdered by Templars, and by the Assassins along side Al Mualim, The Grand Master of the Assassins. Learning the ways quick, also along side Altair as his friend, quickly they adapt as Assassins. Later in life Altair being Master Assassin but also lacking. Morin helps Altair through his redemption and finding the 9 men of the 3rd Crusade. Soon after realizing Al Mualim betrayed the Creed, both Altair and Morin run back to face him. In a fierce battle won by the man and wolf, Al Mualim dropped the Piece of Eden, a artifact from long ago, able to bend the minds of people and anthro alike. Both figures walk towards it, a glowing light shoots out, but only picking Morin up and levitating him, suddenly being thrown back as the gold light bursts. In a daze Morin returns to his normal cause, but as the months pick on, his figure does not change, his aging does not grow, for the artifact has given Morin Eden abilities, super human strength (Not Like the Hulk, alright?), able to run up walls, speed, even able to read and bend the minds of the weak minded. (Not Jedi).

Using his Eden abilities, strength and ageless figure, over the years he trains his mind and body to become more stronger, faster and smarter, able to defeat 100 Templars on his own. Age catches up to Altair as he begins to die, Altair giving his order to Morin to protect Darim (Altair's son) and Marco Polo and his son, as the Polo's held the Codex, the encyclopedia of Altair's Life and Creed. Over the years of protecting the Codex, and then helping Polo to Constantinople. Soon after Polo gave the Codex to Domenico to protect, Morin protested but Polo told him it was in good hands, as Domenico said the same. Polo mentioned Scotland will need help fight the English, along side meeting William Wallace.

Morin has been through many many historical moments in life. All with the Creed, along meeting a wolfess during the Renaissance, Anya Volkov, a Russian White Wolf, parents also died at a young age and having to live on what she can scavenge. Morin saving her life from slavers, her mind young but taking a look, seeing her past. Morin wanting to make a difference for someone, wanting to regrow from loosing his wife and son from the Templars 2 centuries ago. Over the years he watched her grow, cared for her if hurt and gave her coin. Until he met up with her and told her about the Creed, and thus having her begin her journey to the Order. Years pass as Anya has grown into a young woman wolfess. Soon in Rome they finally confronted their love with eachtoher and made love for the first time. Upon this love they had, Morin's Eden ability has grown into Anya, having her have the same abilities as Morin. Thus the two never leaving eachother's side as they fight the Templar Order.

For centuries to now the two remain in love and together, knowing nothing can take them apart, forever in love and soulmates. Soon wanting to believe after the war of the Assassins and Templars is order, they will begin to have a family, a second start for Morin. A dream Morin and Anya fight for, not only for the Right of Free Will for Human and Anthro alike, but for a future for themselves, where they may hang their tunics up. The story still continues, even with bad or good happening, they will not stop fighting. Morin shall never give up, as Those Who Came Before (The First Civilization) have given him the name "Guardian of the Creed". Dedicating his life to serve it, to protect it, his Assassins and his Creed.


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