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Morg striking a pose!

Morgoth883, commonly named 'Morg' (amoung other derivatives of the name) is an artist.

Having descovered Anthros a year after he joined the internet, his enthusiasm for them became a driving force in his hobby for drawing. This hobby has since flowered into an education and ambition for a career. Between university work Morgoth is the artist and writer of Darastrix (comic).

His Anthro persona, while never apearing in the comic, is a member of the Dragonkin species 'Darastrix' from the webcomic of the same name.

Points of Note[edit]

Morgoth has created a number of guest strips for Exterminatus Now

Morgoth submitted one piece of art to the Pawz Calendar 2009; it was titled Darastrix Autumn and it won 2nd place.

Morgoth submitted one piece of art to the Pawz Calendar 2010; it was titled Film Night and it won 7th place.

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