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The Moreau series of books by S. Andrew Swann (aka Steven Swiniarski) was published by DAW Books. Two of their titles are based on lines from the poem "The Tyger" by William Blake.

Novels in the Series[edit]

The first three novels were re-released together as the Moreau Omnibus by DAW books in 2004. The series is set in the mid-21st century detailing a world after a series of near apocalyptic wars. Moreaus are animal-human hybrids created as soldiers by 21st century governments through genetic engineering. Nohar is introduced in the first novel, Forests of the Night. The son of first-generation tiger hybrids bred for Indian special forces, he has grown up in America as a second-class citizen. He was raised after his mother's death by Mandvi "Manny" Gujerat, a surgeon and moreau mongoose. After spending some time in a moreau youth gang, he worked as a detective in Cleveland, where he helped discover infiltration of Earth's governments by extraterrestrials. He moved to San Francisco at the end of it. He would return as a secondary character in the second book, Emperors of the Twilight, set six years later. In the novel Fearful Symmetries, Nohar is now living in Los Angeles where he was instrumental in uncovering a secret government plot to use an engineered variant of the Ebola virus to exterminate the moreau population and discovered a son he did not know he had.