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ConFurence East (edit)
Furtasticon (1994)
ConFurence East 1995
ConFurence East 1996
MoreFurCon (1997)

ConFurence East staff
ConFurence East guests of honor

MoreFurCon was to have been the third annual event in the ConFurence East series of furry conventions chaired by Trish Ny. The convention was intended to be held in the Cleveland, Ohio area in 1997, officially changing its name to "MoreFurCon" shortly after the conclusion of ConFurence East 1996.


However, plans to hold the convention in 1997 fell through, and a second attempt to hold the event in Independence, Ohio in November 1998 was also unsuccessful. Since no actual convention took place under the new name, many furs still refer to the event by its 1995-96 name of ConFurence East. However, some refer to all 3 running years of the convention (including Furtasticon) as "MoreFurCon" to avoid confusion with ConFurence.

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