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Mooty Moo (real name James Mouton), is a rapper and MILFur.

Mooty Moo serves in the United States Navy as a Culinary Specialist (CS), but hopes to get into the music business, already an accomplished freestyle rapper and music mixer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Mooty Moo became interested in the furry fandom while watching Ken Redtail over his shoulder, viewing pictures of people in fursuits. Wanting to know more, he questioned Ken what furry was all about. Deciding to try it out, he chose a pit bull for its urban image of toughness, as well as for numerous references by rap artist Eminem.

Mooty Moo hopes that he can introduce the concept of furry to other African Americans as the percentage of black representation in the fandom, to him, is too small.[citation needed]


Mooty Moo's fursona, created in 2006, is a dark brown American Pit bull Terrier.

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