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Moonbase Comics is a webportal created from the ashes of the defunct Pandora Comics, established with the same basic purpose and features in mind.

After realizing he wasn't really ready to throw in the towel yet, Oren Otter set up Moonbase to provide a central hub for most of the comics which had appeared on Pandora or Ottercomics before. Some of his projects such as Amanda and Otter Island have been placed on the back burner, and a page for projects such as these was created called Eclipse Comics. Another page, Orbiter Comics, was created for those comic strips whose creators are not particularly interested in taking on the responsibilities associated with membership in Moonbase. The crossword and maze features have been relegated to Crater Games and Features.

Any comic artist not listed through another major webcomic listing service may join Moonbase, but must be willing to contribute, as Moonbase is meant to be a meaningful community.

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