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Kaye Darktail (Karen Hutchins) is a 23-year-old female furry artist living in Massachusetts, USA. Previously known as Sian Silverhair, Kaye was created on December 7th, 2006 mainly to reflect a change of personalities. Kaye is a Shiba Inu hermaphrodite who shows a clear dislike for others of her sex and a love of violence. In the fandom, Kaye is the online manifestation of her creator, who strives to be a source of reason as well as "lulz" for the fandom.

Kaye's art is always changing. For quite some time most of her art was adult-oriented or portrayed violence, but she is beginning to produce more art featuring non-anthro animals, humans, and somewhat-abstract robotic creations. In the past she felt the furry fandom was not receptive to these topics, and as such did not feel inspired enough to depict them.

Currently, Kaye administrates the communities FTW_FA, Hermaphropride, Internet_Lulz and administrated Yiffit. She has expressed interest in content moderation for Fur Affinity.

Kaye is often found at WTF_FA.

Sian Silverhair[edit]

Sian's two forms; Sian Silverhair (left, dressed as FMA State Alchemist) and Sian Astil (right, in sleeveless shirt). Drawn by Sian Silverhair, November 2006.

Sian Silverhair (Karen Hutchins) is a female furry artist from northeastern Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Sian is a Welsh name, and its correct pronunciation is close to "Shawn." Sian prefers the phonetic "Cyan".

She has been dating Tohri Ferinn since March 2006.

The character[edit]


Sian Silverhair, often referred to as "moo-Sian" or simply "moo", is depicted as a Rubenesque female mookitty, a transgenetically hybrid sentient anthropomorphic creature, whose genes were sequenced biologically with bovine and feline genomes. Sian Silverhair has leopardlike fur, red eyes and (as the name implies) silver hair. She shares the same height, weight and hairstyle as the artist.

Because she is essentially a voice for the artist, she is typically used for ranting, arguing, and trying to be funny. She is rarely used in adult art, due to the personal nature of the avatar and a desire to follow a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Despite this, some fat furs have shown interest in Sian.

It should be noted that Sian has slowly begun changing to a more and more draconic form as time goes on; whether this is intentional or reflects on style changes is up in the air.

Alternate Form[edit]

Sian Astil (often known as "Siandragon") is a hermaphroditic dragon who identifies fully as female. She closely resembles Sian Silverhair; however it should be noted that she is taller (roughly 5'8") and she weighs considerably less (roughly 180 lbs.).

Her physical traits include internal male genitalia, four breasts, three large shoulder-spikes (vestigial wings), and a fine covering of short fur on top of pliable scales.

Sian Astil is much shyer, more submissive, and tries to be cuter than Sian Silverhair. She is most often seen in pinups and adult art, largely due to a speculative history to be used in an upcoming project.

The Artist[edit]

Internet Presence[edit]

Sian has been enjoying the Internet since 1996 under various names, but she did not discover the fandom until 2003. This transcribes her post-discovery presence.

  • Sian was a forum regular at Crush! Yiff! Destroy!, and founder and webmistress of Yiffsnark.
  • From October 4, 2005 to October 18, 2006, Sian (under her real name, Karen) was the head moderator of NeoLodge, a PG-rated Neopets help site and community. She had resigned a few weeks earlier, but because no changes had been made, she forcibly demoted herself. The reason she gave for her resignation is that she had ignored her responsibilities in real life for too long. At the time of her resignation there were nearly 5,000 registered members.
  • Sian was a member of the Furtopia forums from 2003-2004 as "Silverhair"; she was banned for creating drama.

VCL Horrors[edit]

Sian was very involved in VCL Horrors during the height of its popularity. She was considered by a few members to be one of the most popular and intelligent contributors. Some theorized that she was a maintaner -- despite her desire to be so, it was never true.

She was banned in late April 2006 by BigBadMod, who vaguely alleged that she was trolling, flame-baiting, and posting material violating the community's "no amateur work" rule. He was never able or willing to show direct examples of rule-breaking.

Sian was unbanned from VCL_Horrors for 12 to 24 hours on September 1st, after a long series of emails to BBM. She was re-banned when Lurdanjo Mistaro notified her that BBM had stated that users who guessed its identity would be banned. Taking his tip, she replied in the community that Exodite had forgotten to change the email address listed in AE_Horrors's community profile. Shortly after, the comment was deleted, and a few days later, all evidence of BBM was gone from LiveJournal.

As such, Sian (and to a lesser extent, "Danji") has successfully "outed" Exodite as one user of the BigBadMod account. She would like to stress the point that she has had no involvement in the mass community deletion, though a select group of people tried to use her as a scapegoat.


Sian is a completely self-taught artist who enjoys the skill employed in traditional mediums. In addition to clean art and humor, she also does pinups and adult work, which focus most on the female body and anatomically correct herms.

In addition to traditional paper-based mediums such as pencil, charcoal and watercolor, she has considered branching out into 3D art such as wood carving, plaster statues and realistic latex masks.

She began drawing in late 1995 after finding an online manga-style anatomy tutorial. She went through an anime period from 1998 to 2000 in which she frequently drew humans, dragons and Pokemon. In 2001, largely inspired by Squaresoft's PSX RPG Chrono Cross, she started drawing more anthropromorphic beings in order to populate a fantasy world that she had created in 1992. In 2003, she started focusing entirely on anthropromorphic art, largely since she felt very inspired by her involvement in Furcadia. In 2004, she shyly started creating adult art. Today, in 2006, she enjoys doing tasteful nude pinups the most.

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