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Mondeis or Mondewolf is an artist who lives in Australia.[1] Her fursona is a Yukon wolf/dolphin/African Wild Dog hybrid.[2]

Mondeis contributed to Rare 2010.[3]

In May 2013 Mondewolf commented to a post on Artists_Beware

I'll be the first to admit my business practices on my former accounts were far less than professional, and I did "half-ass" a lot of stuff. But these days I work to the best of my ability, and I have now almost completely finished my owed commissions, I have refunded those that wanted refunds, and I keep up to date with all my clients on a regular basis. I also now offer full refunds to anyone who feels they are waiting too long. [...] I will openly admit that I still have a backlog but I am getting them done and have more than halved that backlog the past couple of months. I am trying to rebuild my reputation, it does mean something to me.[4]

On May 29 2013 Mondewolf stated in a comment "Firstly, I had no idea Kannos still had a backlog. She told me she finished everything. So now that I'm equipped with this new knowledge and the fact that she lied to me, I am going to be cutting off all business with her (future collabs etc)."[5] On July 27 Kannos stated on Inkbunny "Mondeis and I are hosting another collaboration auction together! She will be doing the sketch and I will be painting all the details/coloring it!"[6]


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