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Momiji Yuuga (夕雅紅葉, also known as Masataka Miyata (宮田まさたか) ) was a Japanese professional manga artist specializing in kemono art. Some of his artworks are cub art, or kemololi/kemoshota in Japanese.



In 1995 Yuuga made a debut on adult manga magazine "Manga Erotopia Special issue (漫画エロトピア増刊号)" [1] maybe as his old penname "Nyan Tokimi (時実にゃん)".[2] After that he changed his penname to Momiji Yuuga.

In 1998 on the manga magazine for adults "Kairakuten Hosigumi (快楽天 星組)", Yuuga published a non-serialized manga for adult "Fur Fur" in which furry characters appeared.[3] Since then he published some non-serialized kemono manga for adults on Kairakuten Hoshigumi and Comic Zeroshiki (Comic零式) in the late of the 1990s.[4][5] Such works had spontaneously straight content and were compiled in the separate volume "Dendou Gangu-ten (電動玩具店, Electrical Sex-toy Shop)" in 2000.

Meanwhile, in 2000 Yuuga published some works for kids on his another penname "Masataka Miyata (宮田まさたか)" until 2007.[6]

In c2015, Yuuga gave up the professional career as a manga artist and changed his job to a dairy farmer.[7]


His oldest doujinshi that we can see now was published in 1996 featuring Maple Town under his doujin circle "Yuuzen Animal-dou (友禅あにまる堂)"[8] Since then Yuuga mostly published Kemoshota (cub) doujinshi in the whole 2000s on Klonoa etc.

In 2005 Yuuga launched his new doujin circle "Syosyo Yakkyoku (処処薬局)" with Furuta (ふる太)[9] until 2012.[10] Yuuga drew the front page of the second joint-doujinshi of Fluffy in 2010 and that of Furst in 2011. As a guest artist, Yuuga contributed to the numerous kemono doujinshi like Wan-Nyan Club, Doggy bag etc. and in recent years, Kemono book and Kemono Magazine under Cyber Connect 2.




  • FURFUR (1998)
  • Healing Maker (1998)
  • Ganbari Mahougumi (1999)
  • Mashroom (1999)
  • Sippo no Jijou (Circumstances of Sippo, 1999)
  • Dendou Gangu-ten (Electric Toy Shop, 1999)
  • Otou-chan (Daddy, 1999)
  • Mokomoko

For All Ages[edit]

  • Otasuke! Miiko to Kakkun (おたすけ!ミーコとカックン, 2000~2007) under the penname Masataka Miyata
  • The numerous manga, illustration, and other works on the several media


  • MARKING (1996)
  • Konmei (Chaos, 1998)
  • W Wakakun Chindouchuu (1999) - co-auther with Tami
  • S-FILE (1999)
  • Kuro2 (2000)
  • Fur (2002)
  • Kemo Pan (2010)
  • Ma Room (2010)
  • Tamashiru (2011/2012)
  • Mochiusagi Joou to Boku (モチウサギと僕, Mochi-Rabbit, Queen and me, 2011)
  • Anthloju (2012)



  1. Kemono Book (Cyber Connect 2: Fukuoka) p.47 .

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