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1244944137.mitti mitti ref lo res.png
Reference sheet illustrated by and of Mitti.
Character species anteater/bumblebee/badger hybrid
Convention GoH Califur 7 and Further Confusion 2014
Depiction by Mitti of her "Touch My Badger" fursona.

Mitti, formerly Touch My Badger,[1] (born July 16, 1988) is a female furry artist who lives near Sacramento, California. She is working on furry webcomic Lucky August Carson, with the first page uploaded to the LAC website 2014 November 3.[2] She has received certificates from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her current[when?] boyfriend is Mallin, founding member of SacFurs.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Mitti's fursona is an anteater / bumblebee / badger hybrid, which she adopted on June 10, 2010.

Mitti's old fursona is a North American badger. She will also occasionally draw herself as other species, such as a sheep[3], phoenix, or the pokemon Gible.


Mitti attends upwards of a dozen conventions a year, ranging from furry and brony to anime, comics and video games.

Mitti was a guest of honor at Califur 7 (2011) and Further Confusion 2014.[4]


Mitti is the creator of Peachy Keen, a series of graphic novels exploring the relationship between two high school girls of the mid-1950s who find they have feelings for each other.[5] The first book in the series was published by Sofawolf Press in January 2012,[6] after a Kickstarter campaign that raised $4,127;[7] the next was planned for January 2013,[8] but was eventually released in January 2014.[9]


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