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Mitch de la Guardia, also known as Mitch DLG (born April 24, 1981), is a furry artist and writer now living in Texas. He created, wrote, and illustrated the N'duk the Hunter series of stories. Mitch was the artist guest of honor at Califur 2.


He does not have a fursona, but instead has a great deal of characters which are often associated with him. His main character, N'duk the hunter, a mongoose, is most commonly associated with him and is often used in his marketing materials. Due to his knowledge of cars as well as his love of terrible puns, Mitch has earned the nickname, "The Chip Foose of Furry." Another nickname is "Captain Crunch," as he often excels at working under a close deadline.

Mongoose Ink[edit]

In 2008, Mitch de la Guardia shifted from using his own name to do business under to his company name, Mongoose Ink, and has since allowed his other drawing and writing styles and aliases to come together under one, unified front. Mongoose Ink is home to Mitch DLG, the MAD Marten, Alan Foster] and Martin Frakes, all just Mitch de la Guardia, using different names for different art styles or writing projects, allowing him to approach a project in a different way without being compared against his other works.

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