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MisutoWolf (born August 7, 1985),[1] also known as ArchWolf, is a furry who lives in Summersville, West Virginia, USA.[2][1] His fursona is a gray wolf with shaggy black hair.

MisutoWolf has been a member of the furry fandom since late 2002, when he first saw the portrayal of the fandom on MTV's documentary "Plushies and Furries". He started looking at furry artwork on the internet, joined Tapestries MUCK, and later began searching for local furs in West Virginia.

MisutoWolf's first convention was Anthrocon, which he visited with Kyraeus Wolfe, DevilPony, and Koebi.


MisutoWolf enjoys DDR, guitar, and games such as World of Warcraft, Second Life (where he plays as ArchWolf Inada), and Magic: the Gathering. ArchWolf is also a regular on FurNet IRC in #SoftPaws and AfterNET IRC in #FurryGamers.


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