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Misty is an anthropomorphic female mouse character created by artist David "Dutch" Koppenhaver.


Misty is a medium-sized (about five and a half feet tall) mouse with a substantially large bosom. While the earliest furry artwork involving Misty did emphasize its (mild) sexual aspect, Dutch soon added a more conservative, somewhat shy personality to go with Misty's character. This continued until by the time Dutch began a webcomic based on her, Misty also became mild-tempered, motherly, and more three-dimensional.

Misty has also made appearances in The Brothers Grinn's webcomic Supermegatopia.

The webcomic[edit]

Misty the Mouse is the title of a web-based comic strip written and illustrated by David "Dutch" Koppenhaver. It began as a portrayal of everyday events in the life of a fictional mouse named Misty, who works at a flower shop and lives with her musician husband, Jules Gerbil. The comics began on January 3, 2001. An unscheduled hiatus began in May 2006. One year later, Dutch announced that the strip would be resuming a regular schedule soon. However, the last strip was posted in May 2007, and the site went down in December 2007. The strip resumed four years later, with a new storyline series starting with the death (Even though it was later revealed that it did not happen in [355]) of Jules and how Misty copes with life after this tragic loss and its ensuing antics with help from her friends.

The comic is unquestionably adult-oriented, with sexual innuendos continually appearing in its story lines (and often serving as the basis of the plot). Misty herself is an anthropomorphic mouse (meaning that she is a cartoon animal with human characteristics -- see funny animal for more details), and one running joke in the series is that she happens to have a plus-sized bosom. However, in spite of these traits, the strip emphasized characterization and finding humor in the day-to-day lives of average working-class people over sexual humor. Misty herself just happens to be a woman with a plus-sized chest, which she takes pains not to overemphasize. The comic strip itself does not display blatant sexual images or pornography. Despite the darker tone of the strip since its return, there are still moments of humor.

Dutch's artistic talents have won him a following in the furry fandom community, and his artwork is often cited as an example of well-drawn, well-written stories that are still made primarily for adults and not children.

Printed comic[edit]

Misty the Mouse was also published as a one-shot print comic by Shanda Fantasy Arts in June 2004, collecting both the "The Live-In" arc and the beginning of the "The Coming of the Little Ones" arc, although with updated text. It retailed for 4.99 USD.

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