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Miranda Leigh is an artist and writer specializing in anime furry animal and transformation art. Leigh maintains smokingpen.com on which she sells adult and non-adult art and comics. In addition, she maintains the erotic paysite SecretArtStash which features anime, furry, and parody art. One of her comics has featured Dragen, who she maintains a friendship with. Her friend named DT (Damo) works as her assistant/editor/organizer for her websites, art and content.

She is also the creator of the Mahou Oh No! and Hunter's Moon webcomics.

She contributed short comics to Fred Perry's Gold Digger Annual #11 and Gold Digger Swimsuit May '05 #9.

Notable creations[edit]

Hunter's Moon[edit]

A webcomic featuring a farm girl named Charlotte and a werewolf named Sergei on a journey to track down a vampire. Ongoing

Mahou Oh No![edit]

A webcomic featuring students at a magic school who are involved in a magic accident. Ongoing.

Six In Space[edit]

An adult comic sold from her smokingpen.com website about the erotic misadventures of six furry space explorers. Ongoing.

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