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Minor Undertake is a semi-realistic city role-playing game that includes cats, dogs, wolves, and coyotes among its main species.

By 2012, Minor Undertake was closed, the website stating "Sedemada is a new site developed by the owners of the site Minor Undertake. In a way, this is a reincarnation of MU, though the name, location, and a few other things have changed."[1]

Founded in March 2007 and set in a fictional Mexican city named Vyanis (which means "enemy lines" in the fictional Vyanis language), the plot revolves around two main packs of canines - the newly reformed Joorai and the hostile Blosu.

The site was originally started by Sin and later on Failia joined with administrator status to aid her in the creation of some rules and the construction of the site. Minor Undertake is quite active although their member number leaves something to be desired.


Main account[edit]



Main characters[edit]

  • Zeconis Aiooat (Alpha of Blosu)
  • Matar Kilioom (Beta of Blosu)
  • Kikei Enshoku (Alpha of Joorai)

Plot outline[edit]

Welcome to a world with history; wars, terrorists and babbled lies. A world where it's survival of the fittest, dog eat dog and hunt or be hunted; it's a world where you have to struggle to survive every day. This 'world' is a place where the middle of nowhere is the only shelter and even more spectacular events happen. A country at war, terrorists in rage and a beautiful choir of insane, mutated beasts wander around the dread filled desert. Peace just couldn't stay in the area and everybody was always at war, nobody would agree with anybody. The whole fight was over religions and beliefs, something that happens daily; everywhere in every city, every country - It's common. A bomb was set of by a few annoyed people in the services, obviously they were pissed about something. Whichever side set it off first, whoever did it, you know the government had their heads faster then you can say 'Mad House'. Most people believed Mexico was on the good side and they were the one who got bombed. Who set it off though? Nobody knows, nobody but the military and the records of history in the minds of brainless dead people.

A war arose and spread across the desert of Mexico, causing more destruction because of recklessness acts from terrorists. The military used high technology weapons, most of them ran off of nuclear power and that caused issues in the area. There was a lot of gas bombs, deaths and radioactivity that at one point or another, the military had to use live animals to survive off of. Dogs were used for fighting and the only thing that wandered around the area at the moment were wolves. They had the other choice of rabbits, elk and whatever else survived in the sun patched terrain but the wolves were actually more popular.

The war ended in a tie, if you look at it in a realistic manner, because hundreds maybe even thousands people died and that was enough for both Mexico and the other side to pull out. The Intro War was said to be a good two and a half years before they pulled out and retreated. I've never even heard of anybody retreating at the same time but maybe the president has or even Secret Agents? Perhaps you have but it's pretty slim that that would ever happen.

The animals were left to die and kill each other for scraps of food or water, they all meant nothing to the people, a quarter of them survived, right? Who to care about the animals; but supposedly the creatures actually survived and found a way out of the steel base. After a good 25 years later, 3 new species of wolves were found and scientists suggested they're mutated breeds and started to change some time around the beginning of the war. Most animals that were anywhere between 150 miles of the war changed drastically in some way or another.

It was so many years, no, centuries ago that nobody even remembers who was against who; it was just some 'randomized' war. Somebody bombed another and that's about all the Vyanis civilians know, a lot of people say the Army knows a few things and because of their protectiveness; that only causes more suspicion. Believe it or not, today people actually argue over who won, who knows what wars will start just because of that. It's babble though, nobody knows what really happened and it's just a senseless thing to fight over. It's all just lies, don't trust anybody and keep your nose out of military business. Street smarts is what it's called.

Well, there was still a huge military base that was in the desert and some group of crazy people decided to make a small village off of it. They had the survival skills, knew how to hunt and were relatively crazy compared to most people. Surprise, surprise! They built the village about 3 miles west of the base, apparently the government was still searching for something after 30 complete years. Not but a good 5 years later, merchants started coming to sell things and travelers stopped to buy things. It wasn't but a few years did the village grow into a city and from there it began to get larger and larger.

Animals found shelter around there and multiplied by the handfuls; canines paired with each other and made canine hybrids. There's at least a good 360 canines born in Vyanis every 3 months, the humane society has too many animals as it is and the mayor is too cheap to pay enough money to put them all down. Canine's numbers just keep growing and growing without any stop to it. Now there's two large canid packs that most of the city would appreciate gone.

Cats on the other hand have been dying out daily, a good five dozen die every day! Nobody helps and nobody cares, if they did then they'd have to stop their life for a minute, and may God forbid. There is one canine pack that kills felines for the sport of it, that just wiped the feline existence out even more. Felines are finally taking a rise though, rebelling against canines, even if it is a mindless task. Several groups have tried to take down random dogs in the city, but that's still not stopping the Blosu pack.

This is Vyanis, this is the city, the story, the life, everything. The only thing that's not for certain though is the Intro War... Who was the other side? Who started the war? Where are they now? Not that these questions matter though and for all known, they'll never matter and they'll never be answered. Not now and not later. What about the cats? Another mystery yet. It will only matter to the uprising cats to how their death ends but maybe they won't die out. They might live and grow numbers in Vyanis yet again.

In-game history[edit]

The two packs were formed at generally the same time. Zeconis founded his own pack of Blosu which allowed any sort of canine to be a part of it and Taye Rulian Badger created the Cavaris species only pack of Joorai. Blosu was rumored to be the more bitter of the two packs, while Joorai held more of a friendly atmosphere. The first member to Blosu was the maned wolf Matar Kilioom who fought immediately with Zeconis, and who, later on, became the pack's Beta and fetcher of food for his superior. Seeing as how Cavaris were scarce in Vyanis around this time, Joorai remained a one wolf pack for quite some time. After joining the pack, Matar made his name quite well known in the city and also retained the Blosu reputation. During a meeting between the beta and the alpha (after Matar had left) a new canine showed up seeking acceptance. Her name was Ebonrai Myrrh, a wolf dog with a heavy German accent. With Zec's ignorance in any other foreign language, he became quite rude to her and soon the two also went their separate ways. Ebonrai seemed to have no better luck when she ran across the pack beta, who she made quite aggravated with her presence. Matar - who had previously stolen food from a human food cart - was on the run from an angry group of humans wanting revenge and when Ebonrai turned to leave him, he pleaded for her company when they found him and would most likely kill him. They both began running into side alleys, loosing the humans. After they were sure they were safe the humans found them and a fight ensued between the group of them and the single wolf. Managing to kill three and scare the rest away, Matar collapsed soon after the fight due to a crack to his skull. Ebonrai stood next to him until he regained consciousness and then they ran - or rather staggered - to the desert where he awarded her the rank of scout and then sunk into unconsciousness yet again. Zeconis showed up a bit later on the scene, showing displeasure just by the expression on his face.

A new Cavaris made it's appearance in the Eastern end of Vyanis in style. Kikei Enshoku, a female, demanded the alpha rank from Taye and soon there was a feud because of it. In the end, the newcomer killed the current alpha, claiming the title for her own and gaining control of the still one wolf pack Joorai. The day after the event yet another Cavaris showed up and sought acceptance into the pack. Fuerte was accepted at the rank of subordinate, the first official member to ever join Joorai.

Vyanis language[edit]

The language of Minor Undertake was once a code in the military so they could keep things more of a secret and over time it has became the language of Vyanis. Anything that has been used on the site as a word, name or anything in a similar situation will be put in this dictionary. We will, for now, keep it short and straight to the point.

1 -Audo
2 - Tzaue
3 - Kleate
4 - Alata
5 - Inaz
6 - Suayou
7 - Kulahn
8 - Tuw
9 - Jne
0 - Xot

Black - Blonee
Brown - Neavul
Purple - Nuhft
Green - Wajoui
Blue - Wanu
Yellow - Naayhu
Orange - Qeeay
Red - Meehrt
White - Anekki
Silver - Kennci
Gray - Ziinb

Aioaat - [Aye-oh-at]
Meaning: Angel
Description: They are usually known as guardians or servants of God, people passed onto the "next" world.

Blosu - [Blow-sue]
Meaning: Blood
Description: Blood is fluid in everybody's bodies. It is circulated by the heart to carry out oxygen through out the body.

Cavaris - [Caa-ver-is]
Meaning: Dirt
Description: Similar to sand. The 'cavaris' is also a breed of a smaller mutant breed of wolf that is somewhat similar to the Badger or Fennec Fox.

Douignn - [Dough-gin]
Meaning: Dog / Canine
Description: A carnivore of Canidae family, having prominent canine teeth and, in the wild state, a long and slender muzzle, a deep-chested muscular body, a bushy tail, and large, erect ears.

Eiwsuu - [Ew-ee-su]
Meaning: Forever
Description: A very, very long time.

Exulesk - [Ex-ool-e-sk]
Meaning: Audition
Description: To try out or to do a trial of performance.

Gleioo - [Gle-ee-oo]
Meaning: Liar
Description: Opposite from the truth, dishonest.

Iiseat - [Is-see-it]
Meaning: Busy
Description: Sustaining in much activity or cluttered with a lot of detail.

Joorai - [Joor-I]
Meaning: Mutineer
Description: To be rebellious or to rebel in refusal to obey the authorities / government.

Kilioom - [Ke-e-le-oom]
Meaning: Murderer
Description: A crime, against the law of killing a person with usually some relation of malice. Someone who has committed the crime of murder.

Morakdu - [More-aa-k-do-o]
Meaning: Shadow
Description: A darkness that follows the sun. Depressing gloom or a companion.

Narouag - [Narrow-ag]
Meaning: Midnight
Description: Middle of the night, usually 12 o'clock during the nighttime.

Ouzoet - [Oh-zoo-it]
Meaning: Death
Description: A manner or act of dying.

Renolatt - [Reen-o-lat]
Meaning: Desert
Description: The middle of nowhere, where only sand can be seen for many miles at a time. Often dry with extreme temperatures during the day and night with very little rainfall.

Taoeren - [Tae-oro-en]
Meaning: Train
Description: A line of railroad cars being pulled by locomotives. Sometimes a series of animals, humans or vehicles.

Uyaxxas - [Yee-ox-hiss]
Meaning: Low
Description: Scum or trailer trash. Not tall, dead, less than average depth.

Vyanis - [Vee-yawn-is]
Meaning: Enemy Lines
Description: Near the camp of the the foe or 'other side'.

Zeconis - [Zeck-con-is]
Meaning: Devil
Description: The fallen angel of heaven or the 'God' of hell with many demonic followers [also fallen angels].
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