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Mini-Feru (born June 10th, 1980) is a furry artist who lives in Argentina.


Mini-Feru found furry fandom in 2003 when he discovered VCL. He began uploading his own drawings, and met other furries in Latin America. After that, Mini-Feru submitted artwork on deviantART, Fur Affinity, and similar sites.

In 2006, Mini-Feru found the online community of Second Life. He and his wife, Harumi, work there today designing and creating furry avatars.

Mini-Feru is a moderator at Furry Latino and Unión Furry Argentina (UFA).


Mini-Feru runs a fanpage about Felicia, a character from the Darkstalkers game by Capcom. The page features artwork created by himself and Harumi.

In his spare time, Mini-Feru also enjoys amateur photography and is a writer of horror stories.

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