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The Mimiga is a fictional species from the game Doukutsu Monogatari, better known by the english name Cave Story, created by Daisuke Amaya, also known as Pixel.

Physical characteristics[edit]

Mimigas carries many physical resemblances with the lapine and canine species, better noticed by their long, lop ears, short muzzle and small stature, not to mention their ability to jump above-average lengths and heights, as seen by one of their settlements, Mimiga Village, which is filled with otherwise dangerous gaps and cliffs.

However fragile they may look, once a Mimiga ingests a Red Flower native from the same island, it enters in a frenzy state, growing in body size and physical power almost instantly (not unlike Hulk, from Marvel universe), at the price of losing its senses, attacking anything around. Furthermore, this transformation is heavily taxing, surely fatal to the Mimiga in question, as it has a time period to remain in that frenzy state. Once this time has expired, the critter returns to normal, however on the brink of death. It's not clear if dying is a side-effect of the sudden transformation or, as fanbase claims, the effect of a toxin present in said flower, which is also the responsible for the frenzy transformation.

Commonly, their fur is coloured white through the whole body, but as it appears to be Chaco's case - an NPC from Cave Story whose fur is colored purple - other coatings are possible. Although it seems that their muzzle portion still keep the white coat regardless, but if that's a fact or merely Chaco's personalization, it's not made clear yet.

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