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MiloFox08, also known as Milo Delphis (real name Ryan E. Southey;[1][2] September 13, 1990[3] - July 25, 2015),[2] was a furry artist who lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.[2] His fursona was a dolphin.[4]


At 11:51pm on Friday July 24, 2015, Milo and Red Savage (Ty Cody Rhine) were struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Overhill Drive and the Northwest Loop in Stephenville, Texas.[2] At the time, they were changing a flat right rear tire on a 1990 Ford F-150, and were struck by another Ford F-150, driven by Carl L. Garrett, who was headed to work and did not see the truck that was halfway parked in the roadway.[2]

Red Savage was pronounced dead at the scene and taken to Stephenville Funeral Home, while Milo was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth where he was pronounced dead at 1:27 am.[2]


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