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Milkshakes, is a Nonfur who is from The Netherlands. She lived in America from August 2007 to June 2008 as a exchange student, staying with SlapHappy and her family. She knew nothing of the Furry fandom upon arrival.


Milkshakes is a bit of an artist. SlapHappy and Milkshakes would often collaborate on pieces by drawing and then coloring, respectively. She even created her own fursona (of the same name), a white cow with pink, strawberry-shaped spots.

Milkshakes also assisted SlapHappy with her fursuit business, MicroMascots.


In February 2008, Milkshakes attended Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008, her first Furry convention.[1] She experienced furries first hand, admired the art on display, and took videos and photographs of the Fursuit parade. Whether she will attend another convention is unknown.

Milkshakes has only worn a full fursuit once, while modeling a fursuit made by SlapHappy.


  1. Furryin' it up in Hotlanta - brief convention report by SlapHappy, on her LiveJournal

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