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Miles T.F. Baxxter (born December 18, 1984)[1] is a furry and infantilist who lives in Norway.[1] His personal species is the Arctic Fox.

Miles is an active contributor to the furry community, particularly the Norwegian furry community and the online babyfur community. He started the Norwegian furry forum Norwegian Paws in 2004, and is a co-moderator of the LiveJournal NorPaws community and the LiveJournal babyfur community. He co-started the monthly, Oslo-based furry film club Cinéma Anthropomorphique in December 2012, and helped create the Swedish furry forum Svenska Tassar in 2013. Miles is on the staff of NordicFuzzCon, organising the conbook.[2]

Miles is creatively active, writing poetry and creating music, and graduated in 2010 with a Master's in philosophy from the University of Oslo.


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