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Milachu92 is a furry porn artist known for drawing Pokémon porn. He born in 1992 and start to draw since 2012. His fursona is a pink eyed Pikachu.


Some pokemon characters have their non-pokemon form.

  • Milachu: A Pikachu/Brown Rat with pink eye and blush with letter 'M'. She works at a strip club. She is Milachu92's fursona.
  • Lantha: A white rabbit with purple eye. She was abandoned by parents bacause she was the weakest of her siblings. But Milachu found her and they become friends.
  • Milochu: A Pikachu/Black rat with blue eye and blush with letter 'M'. He is Milachu's replica made by Team Rocket. He was abandoned by Milachu's parents. So he kidnapped Lantha as revenge. But eventually accepted Milachu's parent's apology and leave.
  • M'lady: A Raichu with pink eye. She is Milachu's mother, and a rescue worker.
  • Bo: A Skitty. He is Milachu's father, and a rescue worker. He rarely appears.
  • Buttons: A tuxedo cat. He works at a cafe. He is bisexual but mostly homosexual. He is Milachu92's virtual youtube character.
  • Snowball: A white cat. She is Buttons' mother.

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