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Ace Shepherd (born May 19, 1989)[1] is a Dutch fursuiter who lives in the Netherlands.[1] His fursona is a German Shepherd dog.

Ace is mainly interested in fursuiting, but also general artwork. He owns two fursuits:

  • Ace, the fursuit of his fursona, which was first made by WhiteyFawks of Arend Studios in 2003.[2] The suit was modified by Tjikko in 2009. The first version of the suit was retired in 2016. Recently a “new version” of Ace was brought to life thanks to fursuiting by Lacy in 2018 and debuted at Nordicfuzzcon.
  • Miko Fox, a fox character who was created by Skyote of Eight Foot Rabbit Studios in 2012. He debuted at Cologne Furdance 9 in May 2012.


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